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Get your offer with peace of mind, knowing we are experienced professionals that have been in the business for years. Even if you have a unique situation, we have the knowledge and experience to buy your house with as little hassle as possible.

Craig Barton Tucson  Craig Barton

The House At Drexel

“So I needed to sell fast, right. I needed to get rid of this place and get out of here, they helped me out with that.

You know, obviously, there are hardships with moving so quickly. We Buy Houses helped me get out of the home by helping me with moving my belongings. It was super easy and really simple.”

– David Nez

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“Working with Dillan has been a wonderful and stress-free experience. I highly recommend seeking his knowledge when it comes to your real estate needs”

– Nicole Clinton 

The House At Seneca

“I have been working with Craig Barton for the past few years now. He has been very helpful with buying my home and helped me purchase a new house without rushing me in and out. I appreciate everything he did and I highly recommend him.”

– Patrick Tarantino

“Dillan’s business systems and his high level of integrity are exactly why I recommend him. It’s great working with people who know how to find solutions!”

– Angela Norwood 

I’m impressed with their service beyond belief. This was a very unique situation selling my house and family was involved, and they went above and beyond. And everybody’s happy and it closed quickly, and I couldn’t be any happier.

– Bob M.

I checked around and I thought he was the best fit for what we needed at the time. My parents were struggling. They had kind of outgrew this house and we all had moved out. So it was a win-win.

– Luis Maldonado

Bryant's experience selling his house the easy way with Easy-Man Buys Houses

Craig’s an awesome guy. He purchased our home at a decent price, he provided roll offs, movers. He also let us stay here for a whole month after closing so we could find another home. I recommend him 100 percent.

– Bryant

I would just like to thank Craig, Dillan, Scott for all that they did to help me out from under my house and all. They were very accommodating, helpful, and totally friendly. I would recommend to anybody who needs help with selling a house, that they call them directly.

– Richard Rohus

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